Ad running for 4 weeks
  • $140.00 (4 weekly ads)
  • Available : 1
  • Location : Kailua Kona, HI
  • Quantity :

ADVERTISING: Advertisers in the Coconut Wireless Weekly are local, small businesses, including: day care, spas, health food centers, moving companies, landscaping, plumbers, lawyers, therapists, acupuncture/oriental medicine, clothing stores, hobby shops, kids’ stores, locksmiths, tow companies, taxi services, pet boarding/supplies, roofers, transmissions, Adult Ed, real estate companies, tax services, doctors, chiropractors, pool sales, computer services, motorcycle/car dealers, security, opticians, employment agencies, insurance companies, dentists, banks and credit unions, equipment rental, florists, flooring stores, surf shops, laundromats, jewelers, carpenters, A/C repair, rent to own stores, roto-rooter, carpet cleaning......and MORE! 4 week minimum at $30 per week with graphic provided. To do add layout is one-time charge of $30.
EDITORIAL CONTENT: The Coconut Wireless Weekly publishes breezy items that could be called “pop culture”. The material is neither political, nor religious, and never offensive to the general public. People who like our editorial content will LOVE our advertisers!

Noa Lincoln

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